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CDH Experience: Why We Do What We Do
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Why We Do What We Do

CDH employees are dedicated and passionate about what they do. They exhibit our values—integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence—every day in the way they do their jobs. We're proud to say that many of our employees are CDH patients too, which attests to the quality of care and patient service. 

Studies show that employee satisfaction has a positive impact on patient care and service. And CDH gets high marks from our employees and physicians on the medical staff as a workplace of choice and where they choose to treat their patients, according to Professional Research Consultants, a national hospital survey company. Employees who are satisfied with their jobs stay longer and provide better care.

Nurses ranked CDH highly on opportunities for professional development and education in a 2008 survey conducted by the nursing publication, ADVANCE for Nurses. "Nursing is highly valued at Central DuPage Hospital," said Susan Bosman, RN, staff nurse in the Intermediate Care Unit, in an article about ADVANCE Readers' Choice 2008 Survey. "Nurses know we are able to impact patient outcomes and make a difference because of new education, new technology, new techniques and new best practices."

Physicians on the medical staff at CDH are recognized by their peers for providing outstanding care. Four CDH doctors were named to Chicago magazine's 2008 "Top Docs" list. And 23 CDH physicians were named as "Best Doctors in America" in 2007-2008 by Best Doctors, Inc., an independent organization that evaluates physicians. The organization asks more than 35,000 physicians to name doctors they would recommend to their family members. Only 5 percent of physicians in the U.S. make the "Best Doctors" list.

In their own words, members of the staff from multiple departments explain why they work in healthcare:

  • Ever since I was a child, I wanted to go into medicine in some capacity. I vividly remember saving a child as a lifeguard when I was 16 and knew that I wanted to be in this industry for the rest of my life. Even though I'm on the business side, I still feel like I am doing my part to save lives.  Administration

  • My goal is to make the patients' day a little easier in light of all the problems that brought them to the Convenient Care Center.  Convenient Care Center

  • I had been a patient here and had an excellent experience. I wanted to make a contribution to society - so here I am. Quality and Safety Department

  • I know how it feels to be a patient. I know how it feels to be scared. Then in walks a nurse who tells you everything is going to be okay and they make you feel better. They take care of needs that you can't.  Rehabilitation Services

  • I have always wanted to work somewhere where I get to be around a lot of people. I love being able to greet patients and visitors as they come into the hospital.  Guest Services