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Preparing For Surgery: Pre-Procedure Interview
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Pre-Procedure Interview

Questions to Help Us Better Meet Your Needs

At Central DuPage Hospital, we are always thinking of ways to make each patient’s experience as positive as possible.

Before a scheduled surgery, a pre-procedure nurse will contact you to ask a series of questions about your overall health and personal preferences. Your responses will help the Central DuPage Hospital team tailor our service to best meet your needs and preferences.

One of our experienced pre-admission nurses will call to obtain your detailed health history. It should take somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. Please have a list of your medications readily available and how often you taken them, also include any over the counter drugs you routinely take. If you don’t have a list , gather your medicine containers and we’ll have you read the labels to the nurse.

After this phone interview, you may be given instructions for next steps. Based on your health history, required testing will be scheduled at a location convenient for you. Additional medical follow-up or testing may be needed after the surgeon and anesthesiologist have reviewed your test results and health history.

You may find it helpful to review the complete list of pre-procedure interview questions prior to your call.