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Patient Policies: Ethics Committee
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Ethics Committee

Addressing Difficult Decisions

Sometimes, patients, family members and medical professionals face difficult and uncomfortable decisions about the best way to proceed with treatment for an individual. The Central DuPage Hospital Medical Ethics Advisory Committee provides a forum to address issues regarding an individual’s dignity and respect, and to consider all alternatives available so that the best solution can be determined.

Confidential and Objective Reflection

The Medical Ethics Advisory Committee can help patients, family members, patient representatives and hospital staff to address difficult issues in a manner that is safe, confidential, open and objective.

The committee assists with:

  • Clearly identifying the issues and dilemma
  • Analyzing the issues in an objective manner that considers the patient’s safety, dignity and personal preferences
  • Identifying alternatives in the decision-making process

Contact Us

If you or your treatment team face a dilemma or are assessing the benefits and disadvantages of a treatment approach, you may want to consider an ethics consultation. Please inform your physician, nurse or caregiver to arrange for consultation with the Medical Ethics Advisory Committee.