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At Central DuPage Hospital, we are committed to delivering quality health care consistent with our patients' needs. With this as our goal, we honor and attest to your rights as our patient.

Your Rights and Responsibilities as our Patient


    • Receive appropriate medical care without discrimination
    • Contact and speak with the doctors ordering your care
    • Communicate and receive a timely response to your complaints by contacting Patient Relations
    • Access protective services

Respect and Dignity

    • Be treated as an individual, with unique needs and desires
    • Receive care free of unnecessary restraints
    • Be assured of the confidentiality of your medical information
    • Have your personal privacy respected
    • Make informed choices about your care and treatment including the decision to refuse treatment
    • Complete an Advance Directives/Living Will and have your stated wishes followed

Coordination of Care

    • Know who is in charge of your care
    • Know the identity of your physicians and your caregiver

Physical Comfort

    • Be cared for in an environment that is healing, clean and safe
    • Receive a timely response to your pain with the intention of maximizing your comfort

Emotional Support

    • Express concerns, be listened to, and receive an appropriate response
    • Have your spiritual needs respected

Information, Education and Communication

    • Be given complete and current information about your injury or illness, course of treatments and outcomes of care, including unanticipated outcomes, in a manner that you can understand
    • Participate in decisions about your diagnosis, plan of care, treatment and discharge
    • Know the potential risks and benefits of procedures and treatments
    • Receive an itemized bill and an explanation of charges in a manner that you can understand
    • Receive effective communication (patient or patient companion) through a confidential language or American Sign Language interpreter at no cost to you. We also offer auxiliary aids for the deaf and hard of hearing including TTYs, written materials, telephone handset amplifiers, assistive listening devices, television closed captioning and writing tablets. All services are confidential and available at no cost to you. Please notify any hospital staff if you or your companion need communication assistance or contact Interpreter Services at 630-933-2317 or the Hospital TTY for the hearing imparied 630-933-4833.

Involvement of Family and Friends

    • Be given the option of having a family member, family doctor or friend notified of your admission
    • Involve family members and friends in your care when it is safe and possible

Transition and Continuity of Care

    • Have access to people outside the hospital, whether through visitors, verbal or written contact, including private phone conversations as appropriate to the clinical setting
    • Receive continuity and consistency of care within Central DuPage Hospital (CDH)

As a partner of our healthcare team, we ask that you: 

    • Provide complete and accurate information about your current and past state of health, including past illnesses, hospitalizations and the medications you are taking
    • Inform us if you perceive there may be a problem with your care
    • Talk to us about your pain and options for minimizing it
    • Ask questions when you do not understand what we are saying or asking you to do
    • Follow the treatment plan that you developed with your caregivers
    • Accept responsibility for your health outcome, if you choose not to follow your treatment plan
    • Assist our hospital in providing a safe environment by sharing your observations if you perceive unsafe conditions or practices
    • Show respect and consideration for your caregivers and other patients and families by controlling noise and disturbances, refraining from smoking and respecting others' property
    • Meet all financial obligations you have agreed to with our hospital
    • Respect that CDH is an equal opportunity employer and reserves the right to assign a competent caregiver with skills that match your clinical needs. It is the policy of CDH that employees and their work environment be free from all forms of discrimination.

Contact Us If You Should Have a Concern

We encourage you to let us know how we can serve you better. Most of your concerns can be handled by talking with your physician or caregivers. If you would like additional assistance, we welcome calls to our Patient Relations Department at 630-933-6690 or TTY for the hearing impaired 630-933-4833.

If Your Concern Needs Further Attention

If you are not satisfied with Patient Relations' response to your concern, you may file an appeal through the hospital grievance process. A patient's or patient representative's written request for an appeal review should include a description of the specific concern, detail of dissatisfaction with the current response, as well as a specific statement of what you would like to attain from the appeal review.

The Patient Relations Committee will conduct an appeal review of the actions taken in response to your concern as soon as possible, and within thirty (30) days of receipt of a written request. Send correspondence to:

Central DuPage Hospital
Patient Relations Committee
25 N. Winfield Road
Winfield, IL 60190

Patients submitting a request for appeal review of a grievance will receive written response after the completion of the review.

While most grievances can be resolved directly with the hospital, patients also have the right to notify the Illinois Department of Public Health of grievances at 1-800-252-4343, or in writing at:

Illinois Department of Public Health
525 W. Jefferson Street
Springfield, IL 62761-0001

Additionally, Medicare recipients who believe that they are being prematurely discharged have the right to contact the Illinois Foundation for Quality Health Care at 1.800.386.6431, or in writing at:

Illinois Foundation for Quality Health Care
2625 Butterfield Road
Oak Brook, IL 60523-1234

You also have the right to notify The Joint Commission Office of Quality Monitoring by either calling 1-800-994-6610 or e-mailing complaint@jointcommission.org