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Home Health and Hospice: Home Infusion and Pharmacy
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Home Infusion and Pharmacy

Easing the Way for IV Therapies at Home

In today’s healthcare environment, more services that were traditionally delivered in the hospital – such as medicine administered intravenously (IV) – are now being done at the patient’s home.

Taking medications by IV can be frightening for many people. The CNS Home Infusion and Pharmacy service is designed to make using IVs at home worry-free, simple and safe.


Your doctor may prescribe home infusion therapy for many reasons: to treat infection or illness, to control pain or to provide nutritional support if you are unable to eat.

Trained staff will:

  • Coordinate with your physician to provide the medications, equipment and nursing care you need
  • Set up IVs for prescribed medications and supplemental nutrition or hydration
  • Provide IV high-tech nursing services to care for patients who require chemotherapy or maintenance of central venous catheter
  • Provide intrathecal pump medication
  • Perform lab tests such as urinalysis in the convenience of home
  • Monitor therapy to assure that the care plan is properly followed

The Team

CNS Home Infusion and Pharmacy is staffed by registered pharmacists and registered nurses with advanced credentials in IV high-tech skills. This team has extensive experience in successful home infusion for patients with a broad range of needs.

Location and Hours

Serving greater DuPage County, our staff is available 24 hours a day.

Call for More Information

For more information, please call 630-665-7000 or to make a referral call 630-665-7006.