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Multidisciplinary Support: Nutrition Consultation
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Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition Consultation & Follow Up

While presenting for the Initial Surgical Consultation or the Medical Weight Management program at Central DuPage Hospital, the patient is assessed by a registered dietitian. The registered dietitian educates each patient about good nutrition and teaches how to incorporate healthy eating habits into daily life. 

The initial nutrition consultation focuses on teaching each patient about their unique nutritional needs, healthy nutrition, and examples of appropriate meal planning.  Each patient is taught healthy alternatives when eating or eating out, as well as behavioral modifications necessary for successful weight loss and long term weight management. 

Weight loss surgery patients are taught guidelines and meal planning for before and after surgery.  The weight loss process is started prior to surgery to improve clinical outcomes following the surgical procedure. Patients within the Medical Weight Management Program are seen by the dietitian during the physician visit for additional nutrition follow up until the patient’s goal weight is achieved. All patients complete nutritional logs which are reviewed by the dietitian during follow up visits.  Phone follow up and follow up clinical visits are available to all patients as needed to provide ongoing motivation and education.