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Multidisciplinary Support: Medical Weight Management Consultation
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Medical Weight Management Consultation

Medical Weight Management Program

Initial Consultation

The Medical Weight Management Program is a non-surgical, medically supervised, hospital based program specializing in weight loss and the treatment of obesity.  This program is designed for adults and children wanting an alternative, non-surgical treatment option for weight loss in an effort to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. 

Each patient undergoes an initial consultation with a physician who is a Board Certified endocrinologist and specializes in weight loss and the medical treatment of obesity and other endocrine disorders.  The physician works closely with your primary care physician to identify and treat underlying factors that may be contributing to an inability to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.  These factors may include diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, or poor metabolism.   

During the initial evaluation process you are also assessed by a registered dietitian and thoroughly educated about good nutrition and taught how to incorporate healthy eating habits. 

An exercise specialist completes a separate consultation and assessment for fitness level and teaches you how to perform various exercises and incorporate exercise into daily life.

A clinical psychologist is available for consultation and follow up to lend additional support, especially when introducing behavior modification during subsequent follow up visits.  The psychologist works to support and motivate you, addressing behavioral issues hindering your success throughout the weight loss process.