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Multidisciplinary Support: Exercise Specialist Consultation
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Exercise Specialist Consultation

Exercise Specialist Consultation and Follow Up

Physical activity is critical for weight loss and long term weight management, and routine exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  

We can all benefit from motivation and encouragement to help incorporate routine exercise, but we must first understand how to safely and effectively exercise for our personal fitness level.  Many patients had never learned how to effectively incorporate physical activity into their lives before joining our program.  Because of this, a consultation with an Exercise Specialist is part of both the surgical and non-surgical treatment options within our program.  During the initial consultation, the exercise specialist works individually with each patient to develop an appropriate exercise plan.  The exercise specialist first teaches each patient appropriate exercises for their goals and fitness level, the role of metabolism in weight loss, and how to incorporate exercise in daily life (also known as functional fitness).  The exercise specialist teaches strength training techniques and develops a physical activity routine for the patient.  Guidelines for repetition of exercises and necessary behavior modifications for long term weight loss success are discussed.

Patients complete exercise logs which are routinely reviewed by the exercise specialist.  Follow up phone consults are performed for ongoing motivation and further education.  Individual follow up visits are available as needed for further education, motivation, and to review exercise logs with the patient the weight loss goal is achieved.

It is essential for the surgical weight loss patient to incorporate routine physical activity, such as walking or chair exercises, prior to surgery to reduce the risk of blood clots, DVT, and stroke.  Therefore, the exercise consultation occurs prior to surgery for surgical patients.