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Multidisciplinary Support: Exercise Classes
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Exercise Classes

Exercise Classes & Personal Training Sessions

Exercise is not only essential for weight loss and long term weight maintenance; our classes are also a great support mechanism for both surgical and non-surgical patients within our program.  In addition to the exercise consultation and follow up appointments, our program offers exercise classes and personal training sessions taught and supervised by an Exercise Specialist. We offer exercise education for individuals, families and children.   

Our exercise classes are designed to introduce you to safe exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  Aerobic exercise is included for endurance and heart health, as well as strength training and stretching.  We offer exercise classes with others at your own fitness level.  Working within your own fitness peer group helps to promote a healthy self esteem and self confidence as you begin to loose weight and learn to maintain it over time. We offer a variety of classes and times so you can incorporate one, two, or more classes into your exercise regime for variety.  As you exercise with others in the Bariatric Treatment Center program, you will learn about safe exercise techniques and how to effectively exercise for your own body. 

Exercise Options Within Our Program

  • Aquatic (Water) Aerobics— Class is held at the Wheaton Sports Center two to four times per week, depending upon class size, in the warm water pool.  Water is a great aid when exercising!  It keeps you buoyant which makes it feel like less work when exercising.  Those with arthritis are usually able to exercise in the water without pain, and the water keeps you cool during the routine.  
  • Aquatic (Water) Aerobics Low Impact Class is held at the Wheaton Sports Center two to four times per week, depending upon class size, in the warm water pool.  This class is low impact and is ideal for beginners and arthritis sufferers. 
  • Chair Aerobics— Class is held at Conference Room A one time per week, depending on class size and attendance.
  • Low Impact Aerobics — Class is held at Conference Room A one time per week or as an Aquatic Aerobic class, depending upon class registration and size.    
  • Exercise Ball Aerobics — Class held at Conference Room A one time per week.  Learn to balance while sitting on an exercise ball.  It helps to develop your core muscle group and you works a variety of muscles without even realizing it.
  • Personal Training Sessions — Scheduled according to patient preference and Exercise Specialist schedule, offered at the Conference Room A.

Call 630-933-6745 to schedule an appointment or to register for an exercise class.