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Support Groups and Resources: Psychosocial Services
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Psychosocial Services

The CDH Cancer Center provides comprehensive oncology services that meet the physical, psychological and social needs of our patients. During your diagnosis and treatment – and beyond – a social worker is available to help you navigate your day-to-day challenges, and to serve as your advocate with the medical team. The social worker can provide you with:

Emotional Support

After a cancer diagnosis, it is normal to experience feelings of sadness, depression, anger, anxiety and loneliness – and everything in between. You may fear how to tell your family and friends that you have cancer, or have concerns about how your loved ones are adjusting to the diagnosis. You may have concerns about your self-image or fears of recurrence. A social worker is trained in counseling to help you better manage and cope with these emotions. In addition, the social worker coordinates support/networking groups and family activities for oncology patients. We can also link you with community agencies and associations that can provide further support.

Social Support

We understand that cancer affects you and everyone important to you. Roles and responsibilities may change, and you and your family may adjust to the cancer diagnosis differently. Your family may have concerns about how to be a caregiver to someone with cancer. The social worker can provide support in your relationships and help you to communicate your concerns with your family and healthcare team.

Financial Information

We are here to address your concerns about navigating the financial challenges of cancer treatment. The social worker can assist with navigating your insurance plan and reimbursement, obtaining prescription coverage, applying for government programs, co-pay assistance or securing other financial resources.

Practical Resources

The social worker at the CDH Cancer Center has lists of resources to help you with:

  • Securing transportation getting to and from medical appointments and treatment
  • Accessing equipment, wigs, prosthetic devices, etc
  • Obtaining housing during treatment
  • Getting assistance with food and meals

Ask your oncology nurses to connect you with a social worker at CDH for information or for a consultation. For more information about the services of an oncology social worker, visit The Association of Oncology Social Work website at aosw.org, which offers helpful tips on managing cancer and caregiving.