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Oncology: Gynecologic Oncology Center
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Gynecologic Oncology Center

About Us

We understand that a diagnosis of gynecologic cancer is life-changing. The team at the Cadence Health Gynecologic Oncology Center is committed to supporting you through the diagnostic and treatment process, and helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

Why Choose Us?

The center features esteemed gynecologic oncologist Barbara Buttin, MD, offering you the latest surgical techniques and treatment options, with the compassionate, patient-focused perspective provided by women treating women. We specialize in cancers of the uterus, ovary, vagina, cervix and vulva and provide diagnostic, surgical and supportive care all in one convenient, comfortable location that only treats women with gynecologic cancers. Chemotherapy is also provided at this site, and intraperitoneal chemotherapy (IP) is available when recommended. Whether you have high CA-125 levels, have recently received a positive BRCA1 or BRCA2 test or have already received a cancer diagnosis, the team is here to support you and your family.

Our Team

Dr. Buttin meets regularly with pathologists and radiation oncologists to review all cases, examine treatment options, and develop coordinated and customized care plans. Through our collaboration with the University of Chicago, you also have access to the latest clinical trials and ongoing research in the field of gynecologic oncology. Additionally, Dr. Buttin specializes in advanced gynecologic surgery and da Vinci® robotic surgery for patients seeking minimally-invasive surgical options for their gynecologic oncology care. For most patients, the surgical precision of the da Vinci ® Surgical System allows surgeons to achieve results with far less trauma to your body. That means that you can heal faster and return to your life much sooner.

 Dr. Buttin

Make An Appointment

Appointments are available through referral by your primary care physician. Call us at 630.933.4950 for more information about appointments. TTY for the hearing impaired 630.933.4833.

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