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Oncology: Breast Cancer Screening Initiative
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Breast Cancer Screening Initiative

Mammography Awareness Initiative at Cadence Health 2013

The American College of Surgeons sponsors the Commission on Cancer (CoC), which provides the only multidisciplinary accreditation program for cancer centers in the United States. The CoC challenges cancer programs by requiring continuous quality improvement addressing patient-centered needs and measuring the quality of care against national standards. The cancer programs at Cadence Health which include both Delnor Hospital and Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) have been accredited by the CoC.

Upon completion of the community health needs assessment of the Cadence Health service area, it was determined that breast cancer remained the most common type of cancer among women. Mammography is an effective method for early detection of breast cancer. According to the health needs assessment, only 79.3 percent of age-appropriate women in the Cadence Health service area had a mammogram within the last two years. In an effort to increase the percentage of women receiving a mammogram within the service area, a campaign to promote awareness of the need for screening was developed.

The informational materials were sent to a targeted population within the service area, which contained those that were age-appropriate and did not have a personal history of breast cancer. The volume of screening mammograms increased overall within the health system from the previous year. The most significant change in volumes was seen at three of the Cadence Convenient Care centers:

Number of
Mammograms 2012
Number of
Mammograms 2013
Percent Increase from
2012 to 2013
3,166  3,353  5.9% 
1,200  1,863  55% 
Glen Ellyn
1,873 2,470   31.8%
Breast Health
Center at Delnor
8,058   8,744  8.5%
CDH Center for
Breast Health
 8,483  8,625  1.7%

In addition to monitoring the trend in number of screening mammograms performed at Cadence Health, the overall impact of the awareness campaign will be evaluated through the behavioral risk screening survey and review of the public health data for the service area when the community health needs assessment is updated in 2015.