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Women and Infant Services: Infant Feeding Policy
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Infant Feeding Policy

Central DuPage Hospital supports breastfeeding

  • Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) supports the individual feeding choice parents have made for their infant. Support and education will be given to parents on the feeding method they have chosen for their infant.
  • CDH provides prenatal breastfeeding education for expectant parents.
  • Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed as soon after birth as possible, ideally within the first hour of life.
  • Mothers are encouraged to room-in with their infant and provide unrestricted breastfeeding during their stay.
  • Mothers will be provided lactation support from the nursing and lactation staff.
  • Formula supplementation for the breastfeeding infant will not be offered unless (1) medically indicated with a physician order, (2) if preferred by the mother after giving informed consent or (3) exclusive breastfeeding is contraindicated for the mother or infant.
  • Routine use of pacifiers is discouraged if the infant is breastfeeding. Pacifiers may be offered with painful procedures, such as laboratory heel sticks, with mother’s permission.
  • If mother and infant are separated due to a medical condition, support will be provided to promote lactation.
  • Mothers will be offered lactation support after discharge from the Lactation Center. (630-933- 6407). Mothers will be encouraged to contact the center for any breastfeeding difficulties or questions.
  • Parents who choose to formula feed their infant will be offered support and education on infant feeding and formula preparation.