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Surgical: Robotic Surgery
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Robotic Surgery

Advanced Robotic-Assisted Surgery in the Western Suburbs

More innovation with greater surgical precision. Less pain. Faster recovery. Shorter hospital stays. You’ll find it at Central DuPage Hospital - an area leader in state-of-the-art robotic-assisted surgery. The robotic system is a clear example of how CDH is always thinking about patients who need surgery.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved surgical precision
    • With instruments as small as a pencil tip and 3-D magnification of the surgical site, the surgeon can perform intricate procedures that the human hand cannot do. The robotic arm eliminates the slight tremor that is natural in all human movement. The da Vinci system can be set to move only one-inch for every three-inch movement made by the surgeon’s hand. It’s like shrinking the human hands to work inside a tiny space.
    • Minimally invasive
      • Only three tiny incisions.
      • Faster recovery
        • Smaller incisions offer faster recovery for patients. Most patients return to normal activities up to 50% faster than with traditional surgery.
        • Less pain and lower risk of complications
          • With tiny incisions, there is less trauma to the surrounding tissue and muscle–resulting in much less pain after surgery. There also is less blood loss during surgery, much lower need for blood transfusion, and reduced chance of infection.
          • Less scarring
            • Tiny incisions leave only tiny scars.
            • Shorter hospital stay
              • Faster and less painful recovery means that patients return home more quickly. At CDH, patients who have robotic-assisted surgery leave the hospital 1-3 days sooner than those who have more traditional surgeries.

              Leading the Way in Surgery

              Doctors perform more than 20,000 operations at CDH each year – more than many of the large academic hospitals and most community hospitals. With that level of surgical experience, our surgical teams have the expertise to be innovators and leaders in minimally invasive surgeries that use smaller incisions and deliver faster recovery, compared to traditional open surgery.

              What Is Robotic Surgery?

              The da Vinci™ Surgical System is advanced in computer-enhanced procedure enabling minimally invasive surgery. Today at CDH, a variety of surgeries can be performed through holes as small as a pencil’s width.

              The da Vinci system includes three major components:

              • The InSite™ Vision System – gives the surgeon a three-dimensional view of the surgical site, magnified up to 18 times for an enhanced view inside the body
              • The EndoWrist™ -- with robotic arms that mimic the movement of the surgeon’s hands, wrists and fingers. Compared to more established minimally invasive surgery using a laparoscope, the EndoWrist gives the surgeon far greater dexterity and a range of motion
              • The surgeon’s control console – giving the surgeon complete control over the surgical procedure

              One of the First in Illinois

              CDH is a leader in using this state-of-the-art technology. In early 2004, CDH became the third hospital in the state of Illinois to use the da Vinci™ Surgical System for robotic-assisted surgery. Currently, specially trained surgeons are using the system for prostate cancer and select gynecological procedures.

              Our Services

              CDH is one of only a few hospitals across the nation with surgeons who are specially trained to use the robotic-assist technology. Currently, CDH offers robotic-assisted surgery for the following:

              • Prostate cancer – prostate removal with minimal risk of incontinence or impotence
              • Select gynecological procedures
              • Thoracic surgery – including benign and malignant tumors of the lung, esophagus, and mediastinum

              Robotic Surgery – Facts at a Glance

              The potential for robotic-assisted surgery continues to expand as more surgeons become more adept at using this powerful blend of computer technology, robotic technology and the physician’s surgical expertise.

              • 2000: Created by Intuitive Surgical, Inc., the da Vinci Surgical System earns FDA approval for select procedures, marking a new milestone in minimally invasive surgery
              • 2004: CDH becomes one of first hospitals in the U.S. to use the da Vinci system

              Is Robotic Surgery Covered by My Insurance?

              Use of the da Vinci robotic surgical system has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for over 25 minimally invasive procedures, including prostatectomy for treatment of prostate cancer, certain types of chest surgery, and certain abdominal surgeries including cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal).

              Please check with your insurer about the specific coverage details of your plan.

              Call for an Appointment

              To schedule a surgical consultation or to get more information about the new robotic-assisted surgery, please call 630-933-4234 (4CDH).